Sunday, August 17, 2008

Create Your Own PICTURE COLLAGE: Picture Collage Maker

Been quite fed up with making collage using Picasa, with its limited way of arranging the pictures, and no way of shifting them around. Then, I dun like to use Photoshop for such simple stuff, most importantly because it hogs up a lot of RAM.

So, I comb the web for an alternative software.
Something that won't hog up too much RAM (like Picasa), yet allow me total freedom to rearrange, resize, and edit the pictures (like Photoshop).
Something that have the better of both.

After trying out a few software trials, I found what I want.

Pearl Mountain: Picture Collage Maker v1.9.3

I like its simple layout, with all the necessary tools nicely-placed on the toolbar.
To create a picture collage, you only need to follow the Pictuce Collage Wizard.
Or like me, you can do it manually with complete freedom over the layout of your collage.
One thing to note, even doing it manually, creating a collage of 7 pictures takes me only ~10minutes.

Step 1: Choose the Template you want from the left window.
Step 2: Browse to the folder with pictures you wanna add in the right window.
Step 3: Drag & Drop the pictures into the boxes in the template in the center window.
Step 4: Rearrange, resize, & edit the pictures (shadow, negative, mask, and many other effects.). Can even change the background.
Step 5: Save the collage in picture format (jpg, bmp, gif)


My 1st set of collages made with Picture Collage Maker. =)
Find out more about the software & download it from here <>

Attachment: Picture Collage Maker v1.9.3.rar OR
Picture Collage Maker.rar

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lulu_ma said...

gee. sounds good. will try it out. free one huh?