Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome! Year 2010!

31 December 2009
The last day of the FALSE decade of the millenium.
After the few experiences squeezing in the crowd in hip countdown places like Orchard & Marina Bay, this year we took it easy and had a small steamboat gathering at Shin's place.
A very healthy steamboat with almost all vege, and tom yam soup.
The only thing unhealthy is the 2 bottles of Vodka by Ye Dan & Yueting+YY.
But too bad our hardcore drinking kaki is not around, so we cant even finish 1 bottle.
Yueting YY bought a limited edition Absolut Vodka Rock, wrapped in leather with studs.

Not sure if it's just me or not. A few movies and games after the steamboat make me lost track of time. I didn't really bother bout the strike of midnight, until they me so. We just switch to Channel 5 and watch the live broadcast of the fireworks at Marina with those MediaCorp artistes' cheering masked by the bangs & crackles of the fireworks, and wish everyone a Happy New Year, then switch back to our movie.

until.... ~2/3am, we pull out the extra mattresses from the store and concuss on bed.
1 January 2010
Slack through the half the day. Then finally wake to decide where to go tonight.
After an unproductive discussion, we settled on Chinatown Food Street for dinner, then Pitstop Board Games Cafe for night activities.

Pitstop Board Games Cafe

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Located not so strategically at the 2nd floor of a shophouse near Clarke Quay, Pitstop does give me a cozy feeling. I especially like the montages of photos of previous customers pasted all over the walls. And somemore the waitress is cute =).
But due to its small compound and low ceiling, the place can get a bit crowded and noisy when a few tables start playing games like heart attack.

A picture taken at PitStop Cafe by THE cute waitress
The game we played that night
Some pictures of the cards in the game: Saboteur.rar

A rather simple way of welcoming the New Year I must say.
But during this economic downturn, my only wish is for the economy to go back up, and hopefully I get more bonus this year. =)
Oh! What's with the FALSE decade of the millennium?
A few friends of mine are arguing with me how should we call 2000, ie. the end of the 2nd millennium or the beginning of the 3rd millennium.
My take is the former one. Because there is no year 0, the year after 1BC is 1AD not 0AD. So logically one millennium is 1000 years so the first millennium should be 1-1000AD, second mil 1001-2000, so on and so forth.

Illustration of years with a 00–01 demarcation
2 BC 1 BC AD 1 AD 2 3 4 5 ... 998 999 1000 1001 1002 ... 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 ... 2998 2999 3000 3001 3002

First one thousand years (millennium) Second millennium Third millennium

But they say, when you say 1990s, you mean 1990-1999. Similarly, the 1900s means 1900-1999. So logically the new millennium should start with 2000.
But like that your 1st millennium will only have 999 years!

Illustration of years with a 99–00 demarcation (starting AD 1)
1 BC 1 AD 2 3 4 5 ... 998 999 1000 1001 1002 ... 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 ... 2998 2999 3000 3001 3002

First millennium (999 years only) Second millennium Third millennium

So unless you are following ISO 8601 (astronomical numbering system) and using Year zero, 2010 should be the end of the 1st decade of the third millennium.
NOT 2009!

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