Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Facelift

Been using the last 'Rounders 4' Blog Theme since the first day I started this blog.
Getting a bit sien of its design, un-user-friendly layout edit, and waste of room with its 485px-wide content space.
Been wanting for a change for some time, but this time what really triggers me to go down bit by bit to change the layout is because the flash game 'Continuity' couldn't fit into the content space in 'Rounders 4'.

I lookout for a template, and wah-lah!
A modified version of Somewhere There theme.
Simple and nice, and suit my 心情 now of wanting to fly somewhere.
Most importantly its 'layout html' is easier to understand, and it allows room for changing the design of the header in the future.

Will stick to this theme for a while now.

Oh yah! Those wanting for a change of blog theme can lookout They really have a number of nice blog theme.

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