Saturday, December 26, 2009

How I Spent My 疯狂 Christmas Day

Watched Avatar at noon at Shaw Lido Cineplex.
If Batman: The Dark Knight is the #1 movie of 2008, Avatar is definitely the #1 movie of 2009.
Ate an early pseudo-dinner at ~4.30pm at an unbelievably lousy restaurant- T.G.I.Friday's at Heeren.
Service is very very slow, with inattentive waiters/waitresses. Not sure if it is because they are all newbies, but for the money we spent I definitely expect something better. Waited for 20 minutes for them to bring us to 2 tables which are empty all the while, no serving of ice water, and everytime we ask for something, the waiter need to return to the counter spent a few minutes dunno do what before getting back to us.
Sigh... What I can't get from the service I expect it from the food. But the food turn out as disappointing...
We ordered Jack Daniel's Glazed Ribs, Dragonfire Chicken, and Cedar Seared Salmon Pasta.
With a price comparable to Tony Roma, the ribs are disappointingly not juicy at all, and sauce is rather normal. Cafe Cartel has better ribs, and read my lips, it is served at half the price of TGIF (I just compared the prices online).
Written on the menu: Dragonfire Chicken- A plump, juicy, fire-grilled chicken breast glazed with a fiery chilli-garlic sauce then served over savory rice............ But the fact is the chicken is very dry as well, and the fiery chilli-garlic sauce tasted like tomato sauce...
For the Salmon Pasta, the only think worth mentioning is the freshness of the salmon, which I personally think has nothing to do with the cooking.
I must say... remember this logo and especially this outlet. My advice is, unless you have that extra penny to spare, please do not go to this restaurant.
Next stop Marina Square, original plan was to play bowling, pool or arcade.
But being not particularly interested in those, and feeling NOT-SO-FULL, the few of us went looking for a 2nd makan place. A coin-flip brings us to Dôme restaurant, and it was fated that we are gonna have our actual dinner there.
I ordered a Beef Meatball Penne Pasta. Different from the Swedish meatballs which has a creamy taste, the meatball here are more meaty. And the pasta sauce is very rich. At a promo price of S$9.90++ you get a Soup-of-the-Day, the Pasta, plus welcoming waitress, and sincere Christmas greeting, what more is there to ask for...
We then meet-up with the others, and visit our third restaurant for the night- The Manhattan Fish Market.
This time while the hungry bunch ordered 2 Combo Seafood Platter, the few of us who had had our scrumptious dinner at Dôme ordered only one Brownies with Ice Cream.
They are very generous in adding chocolate and walnut when making the brownies. But I still miss the Brownies on Sizzling Pan I ate at Empire State at Iluma. Too bad they dun have sizzling pan dessert here.
Last stop of the day, IndoChine Empress Place, next to the Asian Civilization Museum.
Had a jar of very plain Vodka Pineapple. Feeling unsatisfied, we kena 唬烂 by oks to go for another tower of beer, first to Boat Quay then to Clarke Quay only to realise all the bar that he recommended are closed.

Though the day ended with me myself wanting for more, it was still a fulfilling Christmas Day.
Found this video on my friend's facebook. Definitely gotta share this.


Max said...

i think TGIF 最好 treat u (plus us) for another nice and better meal to save their reputation... hahaha

GES said...

haha. I think there is a reason why the restaurant was comparably more 冷清 than the others.

pikwei said...

Why just 2 of u?? I should post something in blog that I get another meal.. :P

GES said...

Ayam's (plus us) includes everyone of us la.
But another meal of dry ribs, chicken breast? I rather go cafe cartel...