Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cartoonize your Pictures

Some saw my avatar
And asked how did I do this?

Well... You can refer to the many Photoshop Tutorial on the web like this, this or this...
You can try BeFunky (, an online application that helps turn your photo into cartoonized pictures.
The interface is clean and very easy to use.
A click at 'Get Started Now!' loads the application and you can choose the type 'cartoonization' you want. In this case I chose one of my personal favourite, SunBurst. Then after uploading your photo, the application automatically generates the cartoonized picture.
Most of the time the picture created is perfect, but for those who want some control, you can still make some adjustment at the top bar.

Some examples:
Original photo:
Cartoonized Pictures:
Original photo:
Cartoonized Pictures:

Have Fun Cartoonizing Your Photos!!


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