Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Relax... @ St. Regis Singapore

Got an invitation from Peijia last weekend to spend a night at a 5-star hotel at St. Regis Singapore.
Its website claims the following:

Singapore's Most Prestigious Address

Superbly located in the heart of prestigious downtown, the St. Regis is Singapore’s most eminent address, where unsurpassed luxury resides. A gleaming landmark of exquisite ambience, the hotel houses one of Asia’s finest private art collections.
Unsurpassed Personal Service
Experience our legendary bespoke service as St. Regis Butlers delight in meeting your individual needs around the clock, and enjoy flawless service by our impeccable staff when wining at Decanter, dining at Yan Ting or relaxing at the Remède Spa.
Timeless Elegance
We perfect the fine art of elegance in our 299 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites. Each immaculate detail - crystal chandelier, original art piece or lush designer fabric - is meticulously selected to inspire modern opulence.
Taken from St. Regis Singapore website

Blah.. blah.. blah... a lot of bombastic words, but all can be summarized to good location, good service (Butler Service), and good facilities (Dining, Spa, Room)

Shin & I met up at the lobby filled with Ang Mo, and slipped in to Level 1U. There, Ah Kok brought us to the room at Level 15.
I had never been to a 5-star hotel before, but the room really looked very appealing to me.
Ah Kok and Peijia began introducing the room to us swaku, showing us the TV set, the triple layered curtains (1 completely opaque, 1 translucent, and 1 for decoration), the bathroom 2x the size of my room in Toa Payoh and the multifunctional shower, the many wardrobe, the very intelligent lights setting, and the fully-equipped fridge with liquor, wine, juice, mineral water, carbonated drinks...
I personally find the intelligent lights setting quite interesting. If you just wake up in the morning and don't want the light to be too bright, a press at the 'wake-up' button, will dimmed the lights especially those in the bathroom such that it's just nice to the eyes. If you wanna sleep or 嘿咻嘿咻, a press at the 'cosy' will create a warm ambiance in room. The many other settings includes 'movie', 'warm', etc...

The room in St. Regis Hotel
The second-timer showing the first-timer around
The many things in the room including the 'intimate kit'. How thoughtful of them.
We then went to the Remède Spa at Level 2. Because the girls need the key to use the locker, Ah Kok and I went down in our bathrobes. Damn embarrassing. At the reception, we were greeted by a very friendly receptionist. Once inside, Ah Kok again introduced the facilities to me, the swaku first-timer: Sensorial Spa, Steam Chambers, Cedar Wood Sauna, Spa Garden with Pool, Heated Wave Loungers, Ice Fountain, and the Fitness Center next to the Spa.
I can only say it's a rich man's way of enjoying life (just relaxing and doing nothing else), or a lazy rich man's way of exercising (just sweating and doing nothing else).
We tried out the spa for ~50min til it closes at 10pm, then we went out to the outdoor pool for a swim and meet up with the girls.
Having enough 'exercise', we went back to our room and queue for bath while waiting for Kane to arrive. And there goes another round of introduction to the room.
Next, it's time to try the butler service, PJ called up and ask for complimentary drinks of Earl Grey tea and Hot Chocolate. =)
Even at late hours, the respond of the butler service is still quite fast.
It was a comfortable sleep on the over-sized single bed, with down feather blanket over our body. What's more we closed the opaque curtain and allow ourselves to sleep til noon the next day.
After a simple brunch, we went down to the spa and pool again and this time enjoying ourselves to the fullest until 3+pm.
We checked out at 4pm and went for a late Ayam Penget lunch at Lucky Plaze before going hall for Malaysia Night '09.
I must say, the room, facilities and service really live up to their name.
The facilities is good, but what's more praiseworthy is the attitude of the staff. Although we dress-up rather cheapskate, the staff doesn't give us the 狗眼看人低 look, very unlike some 2/3/4-hotel that I'd been to.

And the Spa and Finnish Sauna, reminds me of the days we had sauna on the frozen lake in Kiruna, Sweden (145km north of the Arctic circle), and the Spa at Szechenyi Bath in Budapest, Hungary.

Sauna on Ice, KirunaSzéchenyi Bath, Budapest

But good things come with a price.
I was told that the room that we rented costs S$700+ a night. OH-MY-GOD!!! That's my two-month worth of room rent!!

Don't think I'll ever get a chance to stay in such a luxurious hotel if Peijia hadn't gotten the complimentary stay from her sis.

Just wanna say, Thanks, Peijia and Kok, for the treat!
Next time I bring u guys to stay at 5-star rumah papan at Kuching.
“三温暖”: 就是头一汤泡到摄氏36度的水池里十分钟,然后跳到冷水池里;第二汤泡到40度的水池里十分钟,接着再跳到冷水池里;最后是干、湿桑拿十分钟,再跳到冷水池里。这样,热水下皮肤伸张,排出身体中的污垢、头屑等排泄物;冷水下,皮肤收紧,防止脏物回流。如此“三热”、“三冷”,构成“三温暖”。按照韩国人的说法,三温暖可促进血液循环和新陈代谢,对肌肤美容和体形塑造有神奇效果。


竟然有人回答, “三温暖”: 就是…温暖你, 温暖我, 温暖他! 我晕…

Next Target: 冬季北海道赏雪泡汤温泉之旅

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