Monday, December 8, 2008

JAS Open House & Charity Sale 2008

On 6 December 2008 the Japanese Association, Singapore (JAS) had their annual Open House and Charity Bazaar at their building at Adam Road, located here:

Shin & I, together with Wuhong and Meng Ho reach there at noon.
Walking in we see many food stalls selling Jap food, a bit like the 夏日祭 we usually see in anime. Only this time they have those red n white tentage instead of the bamboo type. =)
Feeling a bit hungry, we walk in to see what else are there to buy to fill our stomach. Here on sales are those packaged food. All made in japan, of course, with their colourful BUT weight-lot-less-than-it look packaging.
Then I realise everyone around us converse in nihongo. But luckily all those stall-keepers speak English. In fact most of them are not Japanese for they speak with either a Singaporean or Chinese accent.
We bought some sushi, 冰糖苹果, potato salad, banana custard puff, some sandwich and Okonomiyaki (Japanese hot-plate pizza). Food was just okay, but in the first place, we come here not for the food but rather the atmosphere. =)
After lunch, we go in to visit the many rooms in each floor opened to public only on these special occasions of the year. There are games room, indoor market, karaoke room (playing jap songs of course), massage room, etc. Some of the pictures taken:
Games rooms: Paper Cutting room, Origami room, Chess room
Massage room, Indoor market, Wishing Tree...
Of course not forgetting the famous Ai Ai Gasa or "Together Umbrella"
And Kawaii Japanese girls. =)
Before we leave, Shin and I bought some package food to pamper ourselves.
All in all, it was a nice experience.
But I think it could be better organised. Say with some games stall such as Goldfish scooping, some performance, or even hanabi (fireworks) at night, with more kawaii girls wearing summer kimono or guys wearing fundoshi (Japanese loincloth). =)

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