Sunday, November 2, 2008

XQRJ: NUS Student Achievement Awards

After so many years...
Finally 心情溶剂 (aka Xin Qing Rong Ji, XQRJ) had finally gotten its recognition from the University.
Still remember, just few years back, XQRJ doesn't really have a say in hall.
And now, it is a model for study for many CCAs, an activity recognized by Hall Master and the SCRC, and that almost all freshmen know is the best in KE7.
Things had changed. And I am happy for you, 心情溶剂, a place where I can call home.
31 October 2008
NUS Student Achievement Awards @ Sheraton Towers

Signing in
The Well-decorated Ballroom

Receiving the SAA Awards from the NUS President, Professor Tan Chor Chuan
Time for Dinner

The first Student Achievement Awards won by 心情溶剂 for King Edward VII Hall.
A moment that I will cherish forever
The many photos taken in front of the boardA photo with the NUS President, Prof Tan Chor Chuan
The Trophy won

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