Friday, November 14, 2008

Exam Supper!!!

It's Master's exam supper again.
Even though the dishes are forever the same, I still love them.
Swiss roll
Curry puff
Fruity cream tart


How nice it would be if we can have this kind of supper more frequently. =)
I must say I have not seen so many ppl in the dining hall at the same time since a long time ago.
Look at the queue!!
From the dining counter all the way to the entrance, and this is taken at 10.15pm..
Sure reminds me of the time I queue to enter the Vatican Museum...
And all this queuing once again ignite my desire to set up an experiment to test my hypothesis: "People in Singapore love to queue"
had been rehearsing this experiment in my mind many many times..
1. find a few bo-liao friends
2. find a place with many walking crowds
3. stand in the middle of no where and start queuing
4. observe if anybody will queue behind us blindly thinking that some company is giving out freebies


Surprisingly, a comm which I had always recognize as 'slacker comm' really make me 另眼相看tonight.
The efficiency and the fairness in serving the food had ensure no hungry KEVIIan leave the dining hall disappointed.
2 thumbs up, Welfare Comm!
Hope to see more initiatives from you all!
Wa lau eh... Dun cut queue la. M字头的...


Max said...

cut queue 的人,把名字讲出来!

i'd like to observe your experiment on "People in Singapore love to queue"... =)

OKS said...

M 字头的人


GES said...

I dunno their names la. they are too junior for me to know all their names.

max: haha. when I 心血来潮 really wanna execute the experiment I will call you up to witness this historical moment.

Max said...

'their names'... then i know liao... =) they still so 'big' in hall ah...?

Paranoid Android said...

Me too me too! Add me if you wanan do the experiment too~haha