Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My FYP Days in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory

I'm officially a part of Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL), doing my Final Year Project (FYP).
This will be a good time for me to experience the life as a research person. to see whether research life in a lab is my cup of tea..

My supervisor,aka 老板, Dr Toshiro Ito, is quite a 斯文 nice guy (picture on the right).
And in his lab there are 3 Postdoctoral fellows, 2 PhD students, and 5 intern/FYP/UROPS students including me.

My mentor is one of the PhD student, Sun Bo. Also a very nice guy from
山东, China.

After meeting up with my 老板 yesterday, my mentor brought me to the store to collect some personal stationery, pipettes, lab coats, gloves, etc.
The experience is like going shopping with a basket at hand.
Just that this time u can grab all the stationary you want, check out with the auntie at the counter, and the things are yours
I grab 5 high-lighters, a permanent marker, and some books for jotting down experiment data and lab meeting materials.

1st day, was rather 'relaxing'...
all i have to do is read...

<--Stack of readings from my mentor

Today, I search for my gene of interest, and began to design my primers. Manage to finish and put my primers for order today. so hopefully can receive them in 1-2 days time. Life here in TLL is so far so good. But my mentor say when all the gear come into place, and I will have to run the experiments like mad. Just pray for the best...

For those who are interested in what I am doing

I'm working on Arabidopsis.
The floral meristem activity is determined by the genes that code for different transcription factors, based on the ABC model.
The C gene (Agamous, Ag) is the gene that controls stamen and carpel development.
My gene of interest is down stream of Ag, a group of Jumanji gene (JmjC) that is hypothetise to controls the induction of Knuckles (KNU) gene product.

Blur? I also still blur...

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