Friday, July 9, 2010

World Cup 2010 Final.....

For the first time, my Facebook homepage was not filled with moans about who played badly, or cheers about the advancement of which team.
Almost every other post is on Paul the octopus. -_-|||

Paul, the octopus was used as an oracle in an attempt to predict the results of major German international football matches. So far, he scores 6 out of 6 predictions
The Singapore version of match-predicting psychic animal, Mani, the Parakeet.
Scored 5 out of 6 prediction

I think by the end of the World Cup. Few people will know this year's Mascot is called Zakumi, the leopard. But everyone will know Paul. -_-|||
Apparently Paul & Mani aren't the only animals predicting the World Cup matches. Here are some other animals around the world predicting the outcome of the matches. =)

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