Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sick of the SPAM!!!

Dunno why, my blog had been badly spammed by advertisements recently.
Maybe because my small small blog is slowly gaining popularity from around the world?!? 想得美啦!
=========where the readers come from==============>

The annoying this is that, no matter how I delete them, they just keep coming back, especially this post.
So bo pian... I have to resort to using CAPTCHA to identify you guys from those spammers and bots.
This is how my comment page will look like from this moment onwards.
So sorry for the inconveniences caused
If you can't guess it on the 1st try.
You just have to

p/s: if somebody has any effective way of blocking this please please please let me know.


Z Bang said...

I tried reply " fuck you " before, and the effect is really 立竿见影.

People know your blog probably because of google search and the " next blog " button on top of your blog. You can click " setting " and change your setting so that your blog will not be searched by google. Hope it helps, happy CNY. =)

GES said...

1 day free of spam d. Looks like the CAPTCHA is working. think will keep it for a moment n see how it goes. =)

& Happy CNY to you too!