Friday, April 10, 2009

Room Draw

Room draw is just around the corner.
Everyday during dinner, I see people gathering around the notice board looking at the Mock Room Draw thingy.
Discussing among friends which floor to conquer, and cursing the competitors in the process.

E Block seems to relive its previous glory as the most wanted block, especially E7. (But I think GH is catching up fast.)
Now that, half the floor is opened for girls, competition is really getting 白热化.
I heard people are confronting each other to settle the issue.
But none has done as extreme as the one currently holding the Presidential Suite.

I guess I used to be one of them.
But not anymore...

Still, what I observed is that different block seems to attract different pool of people.
And because of that, my personal opinion is that people just have to be wise in choosing their block.
If you cant take noise, have some sense and don't choose a block which is popular as being the most-happening-block.

The law of natural of selection had taught us to change ourselves to fit the environment, and not change the surrounding to fit our need.
Remember... 入乡随俗

Happy Room Drawing!!
I shall see if I have the time to come down to feel the atmosphere of room draw for one last time.

People looking at the Mock Room Draw, KE7 Hall room plan
People looking at the ranking of their Room Draw Points
Just kidding =)
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