Saturday, July 16, 2011


Taken from Facebook

The words in the pictures are roughly translated as below
Queen Elizabeth usually welcomes or greets her guests in pink or white. But why is Najib treated differentlyThis is BERSIH (CLEAN)
Najib is greeted in Yellow Clothings. Even the flowers are yellow.

I Googled "Queen Elizabeth Obama" & "Queen Elizabeth Najib". Seems like those photos are real. Not photoshopped.

Even if it is just mere COINCIDENCE, I still find it funny.


lulu_ma said...

The British way of political humour. There's a minister wearing yellow tie in one of the photos taken.

Max said...

coincidence la.. wuliao..

GES said...

Even if you google Queen Elizabeth Guest, you still find a lot of white/grey, pink or blue. but seldom yellow (except one with the pope-looking guy)

Max said...

the one with the pope-looking guy is during prince william's wedding. and the guy is the church guy who did the church thing for the wedding.