Friday, August 27, 2010

Huh? the YOG is over?

YOG... the Youth Olympic Games...

I don't really care about the giving way to the YOG buses, since I don't drive.
I don't really care if YOG budget tripled the original estimates to $387 million dollars, since it's not my money to begin with (I have not started paying taxes).

Well... I do pity those volunteers who are being "volunteered" and their crappy food given.
But, what ticks me off is that I can't find the medal ranking on the OFFICIAL YOG website.

Guess my only fond memory of this YOG is this photo taken with Lyo & Merly, the YOG mascot, at Orchard Road.

Not too sure which part of this YOG caused the International Olympic Committee president, Jacques Rogge to comment this in his closing press conference, “I did not expect this level of perfection”, “Hats off to Singapore for what they’ve done. I now have 22 Olympic Games under my belt and the YOG is ranking at the very top.”

Guess it's just another proud mum bragging about her child.
*Jacques Rogge was the one who came out with the idea of YOG.


ES2007_ZN said...

As a volunteer, I may clarify some of you doubts. The Medal Ranking is not encouraged by the Organizing Committee because they prefer to mark the event a pleasant party rather than fierce competition. Beyond competition, there was a Cultural Education Program for youth, which was a new ingredient in the Olympic Game and was the emphasis. The food was lousy at the beginning but later they improved. But honestly, there were many mistakes and bugs during the game, among which, some are really unbelievable absurd.


omg shin is so pretty n cute in this pic =)

GES said...

ZHENG NING!!! din expect to see you here. =)
Sorry if this post offended you in any way. But whatever secondary meaning this YOG has, the truth is to most layman like me, the support to my country/team surmount support for those under-advertised so-called Cultural Education Program.
In fact, if the winners aren't given any gold, silver & bronze medals, I wonder who else would be interested in YOG.
Like everything in this world, competition can be viewed in many perspectives. To me, this kind of sporting events allow people, athletes or audience, to have a common goal, unified supporting for a common dream. That's what olympic is all about, bringing people together through sports. Like how the Olympic used to paused wars in ancient times.

p/s: btw, I'm never a patron of sports. I don't even watch the World Cup finals. But if Malaysia are in the World Cup, I think I will stay up and watch at least 3 matches. (don't think they will make it into pass the first round. haha =)

GES said...

Thanks, Dan.
And she said her clothes even matches the colour of Merly. =)