Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photoshop Face Swap: How to Get That Six Pack Abs in 30 mins

Step 1: Find the right picture
Make sure the 2 faces are roughly facing the same way.
Step 2: Resize the Face
Crop the face
Resize and tilt it until it fits the body. (Edit -> Free Transform)
Step 3: Adjust the Colour
Adjust the colour balance (Image -> Adjustments -> Color Balance...)
Also adjust the level (Image -> Adjustments -> Levels...) and
brightness & contrast (Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness/Contrast...) to fit the body.
To me this is the hardest, cos I'm quite weak in figuring out the best colour composition.
Step 3: Amend the Body
Use the King-of-Tools in 'Photoshop Plastic Surgery' ====> Liquify (Filter -> Liquify...)
Notice I also cut off the 公鸡头
Voila! There you have it.

And as mention above, because I'm quite weak in colour adjustments, I prefer to have it in Black & White. So as to cover those imperfect blend. =)
This is how I would look like in 6-pack. Muahaha.


Max said...

walao.. the last picture is ur point right..

pikwei said...

Walao!! Can't stop laughing when I look at the last pic.. :P

GES said...

What's so funny?
give some face leh...

Jack .. ... ....., Master .. .... said...

haha looks nicer but got 2 adam's apple :S

GES said...

Ops! That's what happen when you try to face swap in 10 mins. =)
Man, you are like those ppl in