Thursday, June 17, 2010

PC Show 2010 @ Suntec

In Singapore, there are 4 Electronics Show held quarterly, showcasing the latest digital gadgets, electronics appliances, and most importantly offering them at a special bargain. Namely,
~IT Show - near Mar period
~PC SHOW - near Jun period
~COMEX - near Sep period
~SITEX - near Dec period
They are usually held from Thursday to Sunday, at either Suntec City Exhibition Centre or Singapore Expo. Unlike some of the other exhibitions such as NATAS Fair and International Food Fair which requires an entrance fee, these IT Fairs offer free admission. The take is, you will have to squeeze with the thousands of people there to get the things you want.

After gotten myself my FujiFilm S5700 in COMEX 2007, I have not gotten anything from the fairs. However, a cock-up from my laptop last weekend forced me to buy myself an external hard drives for back-up.

I went to the PC SHOW 2010 in the afternoon. And as expected, you only have to follow the unidirectional flow of people from City Hall MRT to reach the Suntec Convention Center. And from the moment you walk near the entrance to the exhibition hall, you will be surrounded with promoters trying to stuff you with their brochures and leaflets.

But since I'd done my homework here, after 应酬'ingly getting a few brochures from them, I went straight to Western Digital Booth, to get myself a new
My Passport Essential 500GB 2.5" External Hard Drive
At a price of S$109.90, I think it's a pretty good deal. But then again in 1/2 years time you most likely can buy a 1TB hard drive with that money..
Oh well... time to back up and reformat my laptop...


For those looking for a good bargain, Yes, the IT Fairs do offer you good deals.
But if you are smart consumer, you will wait til the last day to catch the moment the manufacturers or suppliers lower the prices even more.
Like THIS...
And THESE...
So.... Moral of the story, be smart..
The next time you want to check out the price of some gadgets, don't bother weaving your way through the sardine-packed convention hall. Just visit this site, and you can find scanned copies of all the brochure of the IT Fairs, and the floor plans too. Kudos to this guy.
Then, if you want that item and are okay with the price, go there on the last day, and see if they can offer you an even better deal. =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

NEW Windows 7 on my OLD Laptop

Was visited by the Windows Grim Reaper - the Blue Screen of Death last Friday...
And I was like
Not NOW!!!!
(for illustration, not that I can PrintScreen when it BlueScreened)

The next day I straight away go PC Show 2010 @ Suntec to buy myself an External Hard Disc.
Then after coming back from Anthony, Pik Wei, Joanne & Josh's house warming party, I dive myself into repairing my laptop.
Luckily I can still enter Windows in Safe Mode to backup every single bits & bytes of my documents & photos.

After that is bye bye, you @#$%^&*()*&^%$& Windows Vista

And Welcome, Windows 7
Hope that you won't suck like Vista...

Wonder how long can I keep my desktop clean like this...


Thanks, Kane for the Disc. It works like a bomb.

While searching for a picture of Blue Screen, I found a joke that Microsoft IE played on Mozilla Firefox.
Try enter "about:mozilla" (without the quotation marks) in the address bar of Microsoft Internet Explorer of earlier version.
OR If you, like me, are using newer version of IE, you can view the page directly by pasting the URL res://mshtml.dll/about.moz into the address bar.

Funny eh. This joke about Mozilla crashing computers is actually there since IE5.

Now try entering "about:mozilla" in the address bar of Mozilla Firefox to see how Firefox plays back the joke. =)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Most Useless Machine turn Latest Cool Gadget - Itazura Coin Bank

Still remember I posted something on the Most Useless Machine on April's Fool Day (Click here if you have forgotten).

I was kinda amazed when I saw this at Action City yesterday.

It's called the Itazura Coin Bank, a prankster coin bank.
Place your coin on the fish button and a meowing cat will appear and take the money with its paw!
Cute eh?

The Japanese actually make something out of it.
More interactive coin box like this at Japan Trend Shop

This one is called Choken Bako

I should get commission from them for publicizing for them la...