Saturday, December 12, 2009

Send Big-Size Files over the Web

Despite the fact that Gmail offers ever-increasing storage space (7GB to date) and Windows Live Hotmail has so-called ever-growing storage, they have a rather small attachment size limit.
To be exact:
Hotmail : 10MB
Gmail : 20MB

So what if I wanna send big size files?
Well, there is always RapidShare and MegaUpload, with 200MB and 1GB upload file size limit respectively. But the download bandwidth, country limit, 1minute countdown etc just don't make it too useful for me.
And I guess everybody knows about Yousendit, one of the first online platform that allows user to send send files up to 100MB. That's 10x the file size you can send with Hotmail. But compared to the size of files nowadays, 100MB may not be enough.

So here are a few alternatives that I prowl online and read from other tech review. All these 4 websites do their job well. Simple and clear interface, built only to serve 1 purpose: to send big size files over the web.

1) WeTransfer
File Size Limit: 2GB

2) File Dropper
File Size Limit: 5GB

3) File Savr
File Size Limit: 10GB

4) Load2all
File Size Limit: Unlimited...
Wow! UNLIMITED! Isn't that too good to be true?!?
Well, it's not really unlimited, but it has some algorithm to split your files into .rar parts then upload them for you to different mirror file hosting sites. So no more worry about file size limit imposed by file hosting sites. =)

Most of these file hosting sites delete your files after a period of time if it is not downloaded.
So if you wanna keep them for like forever, here's 3 file hosting sites that I can recommend.

1) 4Shared
File Size Limit: 200MB
Storage space: 10GB
Very simple and easy to use file-hosting platform

2) Windows SkyDrive
File Size Limit: 50MB
Storage space: 25GB
Easy to share with contacts, or make the files public.
With SkyDrive Explorer allow fast and easy access to SkyDrive online.
3) Badongo
File Size Limit: 1GB
Easy classification of files into photos, music, videos and files.
Offers a large selection of widgets, eg Photo slideshows, MP3 Player, etc
Note: Photo, Music and Video are never deleted but Files are deleted after 50 days if they are not downloaded.

Besides, the one I listed here, you can google 'file hosting' or 'file sharing', and find more file hosting sites. Phew... we are pampered with so many choices. So don't just look at the size. Choose one that really fit your need. Although smallest among the 3, my 4Shared Folder had served me well.

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