Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fixing My Printer: Canon PIXMA iP1000 Waste Ink Absorber Full

Bought this printer in my Year 1. Canon PIXMA iP1000
Had been getting responses from friends around that a lot of their iP1000 are spoilt recently.
After using mine for 3.5 years, recently it had been showing a lot of pop-ups saying the 'waste-ink absorber is almost full'
And today, it finally pop-up one saying:
"The waste ink absorber is full. contact the service center for replacement of the waste ink absorber"
No matter how dry I clean it, it just won't allow me to print.

I prowl the web, and there are many helpful souls out there who faced the same situation before and are willing to share their experience.
Many suggested sending it to the Canon Service Center. (I might as well buy a new one..)
Some say remove the cover, then dismantle and clean the waste-ink absorber (I tried already la...)

Buried under the many suggestions of physical steps to solve the problem,
I finally come across this forum which says 'the problem can be solved just by resetting the counter'

4 step to Reset waste ink tank counter CANON PIXMA iP 1000
STEP 1:- Disconnect printer from AC power
STEP 2:- Press and HOLD the POWER button, and connect printer to AC power
STEP 3:- release the the POWER button
STEP 4:- Press the POWER button again

Taken from http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/380353

And guess what!

So much for the hassle of cleaning the printer..

Fixed it for the time being..
Hope this will last me a few more years. =)
Some software recommended by some other forums that allow one to reset the various counters built into the printer.
Here's how to really clean the Waste Ink Absorber physically. I consolidated them from a few websites into this word document.
Credits given to the respective authors.


Liza Macalandag said...

hi... may i know how you did it? there's a small spring that i can't seem to get back...

GES said...

you mean cleaning the printer?
For my case, cleaning the waste ink absorber didn't help. But resetting the counter by following the 4 steps listed in this forum (http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/inkjet/30101) solved my problem.

Randy How said...

Hi.. The 4 steps is the right way to reset the counter.

Liza and me had the same problem, we took out the whole pad to wash, but don't know how to put it back, there 2 plastics rigs 2 spring attached. Well i forgot to take a pic b4 i took it out.

From above, i reckon u haven't took the whole pad out, just merely soak it on tissues paper. That is good. Don't take the white plastics bracket out, u'll end up like us.This is a common problem. i've exhausted searching the net for answers but no joy.

Liza.. The printer can function without the pad. i just put some tissue paper there so the ink won't mess on the base, just occasionally change it.

GES.. I'm still keeping the pad. Actually the proper way to clean it, is to clean the waste tank also.. theres 2 hose( 1 for color, 1 for black) from the pad to a little tank on the back of the printer. The tank need cleaning too.I suspect if the tank is too full it might spill over. Could u do me a favor? Take a pic on ur waste pad and send to me. Maybe i could figure out how to put it back, and had a full use of the waste tank.i promise i'll share with u guys how to do the full service.

Name: Randy How
Email: bigtaugeh@yahoo.com

GES said...

oh! so sorry..
I threw my printer away after it completely broke down few months back.

Gian Franco Dy said...

You know what?, The way you did those things are just the same what I`ve did to my Old printer (Canon PIXMA iP100) but its broken because I threw the waste ink absorber together with the encoder strip. anyway, Its required to clean the waste ink absorber BEFORE you reset the unit because the unit might overflow and ink leakage will occur.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

GES said...

Haha. Thanks. =)

TiMmiE said...

where is exactky the ink absorber located? i need to clean mine too before i reset the counter. there's been pop-up recently saying it's almost full. i love this printer so much i've no plan to buy new one soon. :)

GES said...

Hi TiMmiE, I consolidated the ways to clean the waste ink absorber in the word doc below.

Hope it helps

roy said...

Hello, I need help on my printer Canon Pixma Ip 1000. I did the same. I disassembled and and dunno how to get it back. There's a small spring I can't return and small white plastic I can't return. I believe these are located on the 2 ink absorber pads.. thank you..please help me..

Anonymous said...

how do i clean the ink absorber on a canon pixma mx330? How do I open the unit to get at the ink absorber?

Anonymous said...

how do i open canon pixma mx330 to get at ink absorber pad?

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Irina said...

It is work!

ling cortez said...

Thanks for your 4 steps suggestions, it really works!

Stella Simepson said...

Great Article......It helped me lot
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Thanks for sharing this

richardlimjr said...

Thanks for this post! save me the trouble and money in bringing the cannon printer to the service centre for "repair"


Anonymous said...

Thanks :) It works!

chiu ping said...

I'd just like to say you've solved my problem without dismantling the printer, tqvm