Thursday, October 30, 2008

Raining Catz n Dogz...

Showered by a torrential downpour last night...
Waking up only to see a complete mess in my room...
The wind was too strong, that the rain came splashing in,
and there goes everything on the table right next to the window, soaked in rain water...

Drying my notes...
After Drying... really become 咸菜...
Wuhong's 咸菜 Tissue
A lot of wiping & cleaning to do...
Broken Tree...Fallen branches n leaves everywhere...
NO!!!! my dragon fruit plant!!!
Now have to use toothpick to support... so poor thing...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good News from the Sky

就在我在愁年尾 Vacation Stay 要找谁 squat 省钱,Office of Financial Service 突然寄来了封信

From: Financial Aid Sent: Tue 28/10/2008 16:04
Subject: IMPORTANT - Updates on Living Allowance commencing AY2008/2009

Dear Student,


We are pleased to inform you that the living allowance of your ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship has been increased from $4,300 to $5,800 (up by 35%) per year starting from AY2008/09. Your scholarship sponsor, Ministry of Education (MOE) has decided to increase your living allowance in view of the increase in living and accommodation expenses.

The Office of Financial Services will credit your account with an additional $750 for Semester 1 of AY2008/2009 and you will receive the money by end of October 2008.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you need further clarifications.

Best Regards,

Azizah b Zam Zam (Ms) :: Management Assistant Officer, Student Financial Aid Unit :: Registrar's Office :: National University of Singapore :: University Hall, Lee Kong Chian Wing, UHL #04-01, 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119077 :: 65-6516 2870 (DID) :: 65-6778 6371 (Fax) :: (E) :: (W) :: Company Registration No: 200604346E

PS Current Undergraduates: You are reminded to read your NUS emails regularly as we do not correspond with you via your personal email account. For ease of correspondence, please retain the email history and sign-off with your full name and matric no. in future emails. Thank you.

Important: This email is confidential and may be privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete it and notify us immediately; you should not copy or use it for any purpose, nor disclose its contents to any other person. Thank you.


我国的Najib最近也好像比较会做人了 (Najib ready to end special privileges for Malays)
只是不知这个keris-waver是否真有此心,还是真的这样desperate到讨 non-bumi 的 votes.

Monday, October 27, 2008






Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Lab Space

A sneak peak into Lab #04-03 of TLL, the place where I do all my experiments.
Usually at the beginning of the week, this is how my working area in my lab looks.
Before I start my experiments for the week...
Pipettes, Gloves, etc all nicely place at each corner.
Table wiped with 70% Ethanol to kill microbes, eg: bacteria.
My own set of pipettes placed at a side.
My 'sort of personal'* PCR machine switched off to save energy.
(*Note: it is too old that almost nobody wanna use it)
But all these don't last long...
When I start to work,
you see used C-fold towel and gloves here n threre,
pipette tips sometime missing the autoclave bag and left lying on the workbench,
pipettes of different volume lying over the place,
all kind of solution (wash/elution buffer, LB, etc) accidentally dripping on the bench, or even worse on my lab log book..

And by the end of the week...
This is how my workbench looks
(*Note: picture does not show actual untidiness, because the things are squeezed to fit my camera. Actual situation can be 20-50% untidier...)

Then why the tidying and cleaning at the end of the week, when you gonna mess it up the following week?!?
Well.. I just want to feel as if someone had clean it for me, to welcome me back for another week of hectic lab life...
I guess it's the same as leaving a light on when you go to work, so that you can feel as if someone is waiting for you to welcome you when you are back...
Just a way of 自我安慰...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rules of The Lab

A small booklet of stick notes from my mentor when he attend a seminar.
Looks pretty normal from the outside.
BUT inside holds the essence of many years of researches, the key to success in Lab...

Rules of The Lab
1. First draw your curves, then plot your data.
2. Experience is directly proportional to equipment ruined.
3. In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.
4. When working toward the solution of a problem, it always helps if you know the answer.
5. If nobody uses it, there's is a reason.
6. If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you have tried.
7. Dangerous exercise: Jumping to conclusions.
8. Never replicate a successful experiment.
9. If an experiment works, something has gone wrong.
10. Team work is essential. It allows you to blame someone else. ------------------------------------------------------------
Cant stop nodding & agreeing the rules...

Sunday, October 19, 2008



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bye Bye, Acacia & Albizzia...

After an inspection by OED, initiated by dunno-who, they decided to chop down 2 trees that had been with us since a long time ago..

"Albizzia tree is considered to be an undesirable tree which are prone to fall with its brittle branches and commonly removed by local authorities.
Since the position of the trees are very close to Blk E , we have to eliminate the danger by removing them soon, probably before the monsoon season. "
~quoted from the e-mail from OED to Hall Management Office

I dunno how dangerous it really is, but looking at the photo, the acacia tree is really leaning towards E Block.

And with the previous record of a land slide at that very slope few years back, I guess they did make the right decision to cut it down...
In fact, when I was staying in E701, I realised that everytime after a heavy rain, the branches seems nearer my corridor. Then, after a few bright sunny days, the branches sort of retract back.
How do I notice it?
' cos sometimes the branches touches my clothes on the clothes hanging bar...
and some of the birds that perch on those branches will just shit on my clothes...

So on 9 October 2008, I waved good-bye to the old Acacia tree...
The day after the Acacia tree was removed,
I found the sun is stronger and brighter and more 刺眼...
Shining through the hole where the tree should had been...
Then I began to appreciate the shelter the trees had given us all these years, especially when I was in E701...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Formal Hall Dinner '08

闲人:“有没有搞错!隔了这么久才post FHD!”
女人 闲人:“没办法啦…人家忙嘛…”

闲人:“有没有搞错!隔了这么久才post FHD!”
每年的第一个Formal Hall Dinner总是这么精彩。
住在Hall里,基本上,一年季穿来穿去就是hall T-shirt +短裤。
虽说男人也可以打扮,但男人的fashion还真的是very limited,怎样配都还是衬衫+长裤。总不可能叫我们穿裙吧…
哎…... 加上我打扮又是属于保守派的... 更是limitedn
-Freshmen还是被逼date Senior

最后一次名正言顺的FHD了,更是最后一次有机会让别人date了。 =)


International Tuition School Days

Wah! I found my primary school English tuition school photo!
Enough of 自恋'ing. this will be my last post down memory lane...
Class photo of me in my English tuition school:

Grade 1
So young and innocent...
and I lost my incisor teeth on the upper jaw...
Grade 2
Got my jacket, which I wore for many years...
Grade 3
Didn't realize I wore the same shirt for 2 year-end celebration...
Grade 4
Still the same jacket. I was so tiny...
Grade 5
Tiniest in class as always...
but where is my jacket?? I also dunno...
I then skipped a year in Form 1, when I was suppose to continue with Grade 6, because the Haji Taha branch does not offer Grade 6 in the morning.

Sec 1
WOW! we changed a lot...
do you realise the girl on my left in the photo above, is the girl on my right in the photo below?
The End

Friday, October 10, 2008

Red Crescent Youth Unit No.6 (SMK Green Road)

Finally finish my 20-page term paper..
Allow me to continue swimming in my sea of memory...
Red Crescent Youth Unit No.6 of SMK Green Road..
or Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM)
My primary CCA in my secondary school days...

Why Red Crescent, you may ask?
Why not Scout? or Band or St. John Ambulance?

No special reason... in fact I din even choose.
I just did what many of us would do.
Since my sis in in PBSM. So, I just follow suit.
The days in Red Crescent was... to be honest... rather slack..
Just a meeting every Saturday to learn n revise first aid, marching, occasional Bilik Sakit duty, then the annual sports day duty, and other ad hoc activities.

Maybe because somehow my school was more academically inclined that not a lot of emphasis is put on CCA...
Maybe because we are not PIBG's pet that we dun get so get so much fund... (PIBG: Persatuan Ibu Bapa & Guru, or Parent-Teacher Association)
Maybe because there isn't someone to continue the legacy, or they isn't someone to lead to make it happening...
Maybe because we had more 含蓄 girls than 好玩 guys...

However, despite the not-so-happening-ness, I guess I still had fun.
At least I added some spice to my secondary school days, compared to some others.

Group Photo of RCYU No.6 or 2000/01
Like all CCA, I was a small shrimp in Form 1, slowly fighting my way up.

Then, I think in Form 2 I began marching with the marching contingent in Sports Day, in inter-school competition.
Got my Corporal (2 stripes) rank after my seniors step down at the mid-year AGM.
And began my training as a commander for the squad.

After a year of service and commitment, I stepped down temporarily to 'concentrate' on my PMR in Form 3.
(concentrate on PMR.... ya, right...)

Return in my Form 4, as the Assistant Head Section Leader, Sergeant(3 stripes), and Commander of the marching contingent.

Marching Contingent during Sports Day 2001
This was also the year I started stepping out
step out of school for Inter-school Competition.
step out of school for Inter-division State Camp
For a city boy like me, State Leadership Youth Camp in Kem Kemunyang, Sibu was once of its kind.
The lectures... were as boring as always... talking about things that most of us already know.
But the activities were superb!
-Flying Fox
-Climbing over a 14-feet wall
-Climbing up 21 feet rope-ladder with each step as wide as 2 feet
-Swinging down the wall like Hong Kong SDU.
On top of that, I met fun & sporting friends, and together we won the title of the best group in the camp.
Unforgettable moment...

RCYU State Leadership Youth Camp in Kem Kemunyang, Sibu, Sarawak
My Group: OrangeThe 8 of us representing the Kuching Division

In Form 5, just before I stepped down again for SPM, I was given the privilege to attend "Kem Kenyalang Malaysia 2002" International Youth Camp organized by MRCS, Sarawak Branch.
With the word KEM, I expect it to be like the one in Kem Kemunyang.
BUT... it turn out to be like a convention or conference... where 'delegates from over the world come and share their opinion on the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement in a global context'.
Staying in Rajah Court Hotel, we were treated like guests with good food.
And I personally feel that the whole thing feel more like a Tahun Melawat Malaysia activity than a Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement program...
Together with the delegates from China, Italy, Philippines, Hong Kong, Qatar, Finland, Japan, etc we were brought to visit the various RCYU in our schools to see how the Malaysian RCYU functions.
We were brought to Bako National Park to enjoy the unpolluted nature reserve, to Long House to share the joy of the Ibans in Pesta Gawai to celebrate a good harvest, etc.

Kem Kenyalang 2002, ended with the Volunteer Recognition Night of 2001/02.
And I receive what I personally think as my highest recognition in my secondary school life-
the Meritorious Service Medal
Receiving the cert from the Director of MRCS, Sarawak BranchMy Head Section Leader & I
after receiving the Meritorious Service Medal

I still kept the many badges I exchanged from the other people. =)
can I draw this positive correlation?....

Do you love SMK Green Road (or XX中学)?
Would you donate your time, or effort, or money for SMK Green Road (or XX中学)?
Some files taken from

Attachment: Kurikulum Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia.pdf
Attachment: Sistem Pangkat Unit Belia.pdf
Attachment: Sistem Perjawatan Dan Tugas Unit Belia.pdf
Attachment: Skim Lencana Kecekapan Unit Belia.pdf

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Morning Session Prefect Board 2003/2004

Allow me to continue immersing myself in nostalgia...

Prefect Board and Duties
Another place where I had spent most of my Form 6 days in.
Waking up early to do traffic duty
Standing by the gate checking the students' uniform
Feeding the mosquitoes with my blood esp at the side door (really pity those gals who were stationed there)
Chasing the student out of the class during recess
Bringing the student who are late to pick up rubbish around the compound after school
Controlling the situation during assembly
Doing spot-check (one of my personal favourite :-) )
Organize ad-hoc activities, like march-pass during Sports Day, Trip to Cheshire Home, Pasaria, Prefect Dinner, etc
And a lot a lot more...

Some of them are really sai kang, like chasing the students our of class during recess, something which I find ridiculous even til now.
But most of them are fun and exciting, like accepting the challenge of 'hide-and-seek' of illegal items from the students during spot-check. Some time you really have to salute the students, those who korek a hole in the notice board at the back to hide illegal stuff, or even the one who cut a square hole into his Malay textbook to hide cigarettes.
Really 道高一尺, 魔高一丈...

Prefect Day Camp

Prefect Uniform
At first I really don't like the colour combination of our prefect uniform..
White shirt, white pants, green blazer ...
White socks, black shoes, red tie...
But after I attended the Mesyuarat Perhimpunan Pemimpin Belia, I am more than happy with my uniform.
cos... I see people with purple blazer, pink shirt, or other more unacceptable colour combi (to me at least).

Prefect Dreams
In the first place, who would have thought the notorious prefect in Form 4/5 would be the next Head Prefect. I still remember how the 脚穿脸 (Kar Chng Bin) hated the group of us at the back who always like don't give her face in class.

Like most newly-elected Head Boy, I stepped up with dreams...
But then, after a while, I realised, it is ever wise to impose radical change...
People tend to have a high inertia to changes...
I have to surrender to reality...
*Till now, I still dunno if I have make the right decision to accept the suggestion by the principal to make not only the Exco, but all the prefects to wear blazer during duties...

So, my conclusion from my prefect days in Form4/5/6 tells me that the best (IMHO) way to handle the school, is to strike a balance between the so-called good student & notorious student.
And my way of striking the balance is 混尽黑白两道...
Again, I'm not sure if this is the best choice. But seems to me, befriending them had allow us to settle quarrels between different gangs, or between students and prefects more easily...
Just need to "Brother, give some face la. Dun do it in school." most of the time they will listen...
So... I had a rather peaceful year...
a very very peaceful year... which was beyond my expectations...
Prefect Photos
5 Groups
86 Prefects
17 Exco

.You guys are really the best I had ever dreamed.

Morning Session Prefect Board 2003/2004
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Board of Exco (Executive Committees)