Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nostalgia.. Looking back at SRB Chung Hua No.4: Class of '97 (六蓝)

A long lost primary school classmate suddenly added me in Facebook, and posted our Primary 6 graduation group photo.
Then... it was like a catalyst that sparks a chain of reactions.
We start tagging friends whom we still keep in touch in the photo.
We start adding each other to our friends list.
We start replying to the post asking for a reunion
And every once a while a friend whom I have not seen in years and totally lost contact reply in the thread..

Look at the number of replies, and it is still counting.

As I walk down the memory lane, scene by scene, our carefree primary school life flashes across my eyes.
Images of us running around, and the 巡察员running behind us shouting,"不要跑!不要跑!"
Images of the hole on the roof of Missi Gigi's building. An idiot/fat ass/whatever-u-wanna-call-him climbed over the railing onto the roof to collect his shuttlecock but the roof surrender under his weight and broke.
Images of *ahem* who rat back from toilet to class crying because *ahem* laugh at his hairy bird.
And the most idiotic of all, images of the ghost in the toilet who is scared of 斧标驱风油. -_-|||

What carefree life...

中华小学第四校 SJK (C) Chung Hua No.4
Class of '97
六蓝班 (6 Blue)
When shall we have our gathering?!?
Can you find me?
SRB Chung Hua No.4 School Song
SRB Chung Hua No.4 校训

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anybody wanna adopt a Dragon Fruit Plant?

Dragon Fruit, back in Kuching, we call it 火龙果.
Here people call it 龙珠果.

But be it Dragon Fruit or 火龙果 or 龙珠果, I never tot of the day I would be planting them.

The seeds had been left outside my room by the rubbish bin for quite some time.
Until it started to germinate that it caught my attention.

So poor thing... so densely packed..
So Wuhong and I decided to shift them to a better environment, to give them more space to grow.
And there goes my journey to kop some soil and planting tray from my lab.

After 30-60minutes of preparing & watering the soil, and shifting the small seedlings...
This is what we get.

2 seedlings per small pot.
May need to shift again as it gets larger.

My Dragon Fruit Cultivation Corner

The 'Chosen One'
to be put in my room and given extra care.

Now that we have 12 pots of dragon fruit seedlings, anyone wanna adopt one?
comes with petri dish to catch the dripping water, in case you water too much.
If you are wondering if the cactus looking plant I was mentioning above IS the dragon fruit we had been eating, the answer is 'YES!!'

This is how it looks like in the market

This is how it looks like on the tree
Unbelievable? Believe It!
Courtesy of Kane for the the dragon fruit seed.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Supper to Mark the Beginning of Mid-Sem Break

Mid-sem break is here again, finally can rest for a while.
And hope that can spend some time to catch up with my lessons.

Just before everyone leaves for home for the break, we had a usual noodle supper in my room.

The many pairs of slippers outside my room.
Compared to last time where we have to cook many batches in my small pot, this time we have the Wuhong's steamboat pot.
Muahaha, now can cook more at one time. and the 'fire power' also stronger.

Menu for the Day:
~东京紫菜酱油汤面, Curry Noodles with Egg, and Campbell Mushroom Soup~
Makan & talk cock time

After the supper, comes the main appetizer for the day, or should I call it the 'Main Dish' of the day:
'Eric Goes Heaven' post-filming interview.

The Panel of Interviewer, aka Jury Panel

To protect the privacy and confidentiality, I shall let this 模棱两可 Video do the saying.

All I wanna say is, We wish you all the best!!
Recommended: Plug-in your headphones to catch our conversation more clearly.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Grocery Shopping!! Finally...

Have been surviving on a pathetic packet of Hup Seng-Cap Ping Pong Biscuit, and a bottle of Peter Pan Peanut Butter for the past month. Can't believe I can actually survive on that.

Skipping the BS (Biological Sciences? Bull $***?) Safety Seminar, today, I finally got the chance to do my grocery.
I swept through NTUC Fairprice like an eagle eyeing on its prey, OR more appropriately, an auntie eyeing on items on promotions. =)
With the rise in hall accommodation fee, public transport fee, etc.. I really dun have the luxury to buy the more expensive stuff. So only those with 'Today's Low Price' tag.
After a '快刀斩乱麻 aka chop chop' shopping, taking me no longer than 30mins....
TADAA!!! My Grocery!
~ a rather typical 'overseas' university student's grocery
Instant Noodles
Eggs & Canned Food (Sardine, Peanuts)
~to go with the Instant Noodles
Biscuits, Peanut Butter & Kaya
~I still prefer Cap Ping Pong, but Khong Guan is on promotion that day...
Bundaberg-Australian Ginger Beer
~Pamper myself a bit la...
My Food Corner...
It sure look better when it is filled with stuff...
Shall I compare thee to an Auntie's grocery?
Thou art more practical and more necessary.
"Reduce Reuse Recycle"
~Bring your own bag and save the environment
Ya right... I got 8 plastic bags for buying the stuff. 6 bags of grocery, 2 of them double-layered.
Now, I begin to appreciate the Swedish way of forcing the plastic bag into your bill if you don't bring your own bag..

Thursday, September 18, 2008


to the others, AGM is known as Annual General Meeting.
to some of the residents, it had always been known as Annual Who-Give-A-Damn Meeting
this year, the list can be added on.

aka Annual Finger-pointing Meeting
aka Annual 推卸责任 Meeting
aka Annual 翻旧帐 Meeting
aka ... ...

Surprisingly, this year I found quite a noticeable number of freshmen sitting at the back.
Too good to see that they aren't influenced by the 'Who-Give-A-Damn' virus yet.
Too bad they dun let me sit next to them.
Guess the place is taken by their friend. So I 识趣 go sit in front

Copied & pasted like every year, the agenda of the AGM went on as always, with previous CCA heads raising their dissatisfactions, people finger-pointing directly or indirectly.
Well, that's kinda expected for me.
As the Room Draw issue, and other major issues (eg, Yearbook, Financial Report, IHG) was raised from the floor, people started to pay attention to what's going on.
Some even ask about CHR and its function.
but as it drags on and on, it starts to bore everyone.
We begin see some outgoing & incoming hall leaders leaving the AGM, without giving much face to the panel sitting in front.
Sadly enough, it was like a domino effect - 'if he can leave, why can't I'.

Well, I think they leave because the content of the meeting starts to get too technical which definitely bore them, or they can no longer take the panel's BS'ting. I sure hope it is the former...

AGM is actually quite important you know!
AGM is important for CCA heads to evaluate the achievements and mistakes done in the previous year so as to not repeat them in the coming year, to come out with possible ways to improve the hall better.
And I personally think that, AGM is the platform to meet and know each other, to widen their social circle, to learn to be resourceful. So that in any chance they need special assistance, they know whom to look for.
and the list goes on...

What should we do to instill this awareness...
A: "What did they talk about just now?"
B: "Rubbish."
希望senior们不要把 'Who-Give-A-Damn' virus和 '口是心非' virus传播下去…

Sunday, September 14, 2008




Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malaysians in KEVII = KElaysians

Despite the political waves that strike Malaysia, causing the insecureness among the people.
In a small island just across the Johor border from Malaysia, a group of people is happily celebrating our Merdeka Day, with joy, with pride.
31 August 2008, 0000hr
It has been a tradition that every year on 30 August, around 11.45pm, all the Malaysian of KE7 Hall will meet at the foyer, in front of the flag pole.
To Sing Negaraku as the clock strike 12.
To Shout Merdeka like TAR.
To 自high
To Chit-chat as if we had not met in ages.

To cut the long story short, I will let the pictures tell the story.

Singing our respective State Anthem.
Die.. long time didn't sing Ibu Pertiwiku. almost forget the last stanza. =P
Malaysian of KEVII
The flag bought by Jia En, a senior who graduated last year.
p/s: I really think we are fortunate to have such a considerate Hall Master.
Considering the amount of noise we create, can't imagine what would happen if the flag pole is in front of AB's RF flat.

6 Septmber 2008, 1900hr
Malaysian Night 2008
This is another crazy tradition pass down from batch to batch.
The freshmen are to organize an event to showcase our pride as Malaysians.
Given the short amount time & money, not to mention they still have to cope with their studies, I always think this is a mission impossible.
But every year the freshmen have prove me wrong.

Well, my batch was the 1st to really make it big, asking for sponsorship from the High Commission of Malaysia, making what used to be a small gathering among the Malaysians into a dinner with performance - Malaysian Night 2005.
After that, I have seen Malaysian Night 2006, 2007, and this year 2008.

The original intention was to bring the Malaysian together.
This year the freshmen really live up to the spirit.

To the Freshmen of 2008, You guys are the best I have seen so far! Keep it up!

The many performance
The hardworking Freshmen

The Zho Bo Seniors
The Many Malaysians in KEVII Hall
The Kuchingnites
As the unnamed Malaysian senior once said, 'Due to the many language we speak, (and the multiracial culture we are exposed), Malaysians are very versatile. But being versatile doesn't make us exclusive.'
It is never wise to segregate Hall residents according to their nationality.
In fact, we should open our heart and accept others.
Just my 2 cents worth of thoughts...
After 51 years of independence...
Will there be a day when Malaysia can stand proud and say we are a developed country.. only our 'Tuhan' know..
Will there be a day when there are 'equal' rights among the people, only our leader know..
Will there be an opposition party overrule.. only our people know..
Will there be a day I can happily go back to work in Malaysia.. I don't know.. At least, it is definitely a 'NO' for the near future.